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Yes! According to demand and orders. Your best bet is to order while in stock so you don't have to wait. And believe me, you'll think about the Otter Topper every time you walk by the... boys bathroom...


The Otter Topper works as an adapter that can be set on top of a toilet seat to act as a urinal for potty training boys up to about 7 years old.  It can be left on all the time, and removed to go #2 or if you want to put it away for guests.  A step stool might be useful for smaller kids to be able to reach the front opening.  The closer they are to that, the better.

Potty training toddlers to about 7 years old.  The Otter Topper can be placed on the rim or seat to make it higher or lower, or a step stool for younger children may help.  The Otter Topper is most effective if they can safely get close enough to it so they can easily fit into the “mouse hole” and aim at the back of the chute.

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This will depend on the size and layout of your bathroom.  It can fit under most sinks, or hung on a hook.  We sell a hook that you can put on the rim of the toilet seat, onto a towel bar, or under the lid of the tank.  The Otter Topper can also be set on the floor of the bathtub or shower when in a hurry.

Busy adults who live with miniature men who pee all over their toilets and bathrooms.

Yes, but try not to make them feel bad. Just tell them about the Otter Topper!

Whatever you darn well want!  This is your precious life!  And now you can enjoy a little bit more of it.

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 The Otter Topper has a slick smooth finish on the inside chute, so droplets should run off fairly easily.  A quick wipe or periodic rinse in water should clean sufficiently, or cleaning spray to disinfect.  A far cry from cleaning an entire bathroom on your hands and knees, eh?

The Otter Topper is made of anti-bacterial silicone and is recyclable, although the best way to recycle it would be to hand it down to another parent in need.

The Otter Topper's warranty covers manufacturing defects for up to 6 months from the date of purchase.

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