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Otter Topper

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The original Otter Topper is a sleek and modern adapter that rests on your toilet seat, converting it into a urinal for little boys from potty training to around 7 years old.  As long as your little one stands close enough to aim into the front opening, the Otter Topper will do wonders to help keep your bathroom clean from tinklers with poor aim.  We're talking the seat, hinges, floor, walls, baseboards, wallpaper—all of it!  Most parents leave their Otter Topper on their toilet all the time, until it is not needed, in which case you can simply lift it off using the handles, and hang or store it until you would like to use it again.  The Otter Topper is an easy way to keep your bathroom smelling better, train your little darlings to aim properly, and the kids find fun to use!

Don't forget to add a Hanging Hook to store your Otter Topper when not in use! 



Customer Reviews

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Deborah Boothroyd

Great product my great grandson loves using it

My 3-year old and 5-year love it!

My three-year-old was aware that he was supposed to go to the bathroom to use the toilet. For some reason, he hadn’t understood where he was supposed to aim. Using the Otter Topper has made for some fun target practice, and a much cleaner toilet and bathroom. My five-year-old also really enjoys using it as well!


Great idea. Needed for his potty chair. The regular toilet comes next. It will be a great training device.

Jordan Hanks
Game changer!!

As I was looking at my white - now stained yellow - curtain in my bathroom I had it. I was desperately searching for a better way to help my toddler be able to feel comfortable practicing going to the potty on the “big boy potty” without it being something that destroyed my bathroom and the linens and floors around it. This otter topper will change my life! I am so excited to send one to my sister too since our boys are only weeks apart and she is suffering with this as much as I am!

Chris Winchell
Awesome Awesome Awesome!

This has product has been such a HUGE help in keeping my toilet clean!

My son (4) has a bit of an aiming issue, and this solves it entirely!

He even asks for it every visit to the loo! It’s great!

I’m seriously considering getting another for our secondary bathroom! Really a wonderful purchase!

Thanks so much!